An Ode To Our Home

It's been 3 amazing years of  Logo of Silly Community  and the ride has been somewhat unpredictable, but always fun, sometimes bumpy yet constantly exciting!

Signature Menu 3.0: We are now proud to be launching our new menu, which will re-introduce you to “Dear Delhi”, a showcase of cocktails lovingly named after its muse. This menu is an attempt to distill the very essence of our city and showcase it through a series of libations that are as unique as its history.

The city overwhelms, excites, and thrills through its endless stories - hidden in plain sight for those who pay attention - in its congested bylanes, old neighbourhoods, bustling suburbia, and seemingly never-ending evolution. Told in the words of residents, friends, newcomers, and travellers, we are bringing together pieces from different parts of the city to complete the puzzle through a collection of postcards. Each personal story is a homecoming of sorts and every cocktail is inspired by a pin code, the best way to pay homage to the different nuances of Delhi.

Let us pour you a tale, stir a poem, muddle a memory, and let you drink in the sights, sounds, and flavours of the capital.